September 17th and 18th Valencia, Spain














Our mission is to bring together the NFT community across the globe in the biggest crypto-art and blockchain event in Europe.  Artists,platforms, collectors, curators, crypto experts and OGs will share their views on the present and future of the world’s fastest growing industry. By the community for the community. Art exhibition, talks, debates, meetups and side events in a second-to-none venue, in the World’s Design Capital 2022: Valencia.


the speakers

Soliman López

Soliman López is a contemporary artist specialised in art, science, sociology and technology.


Ulysses is a 15 year music industry veteran, who began his career producing & writing hits for Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, Kylie Minogue, Akon and many more.


Founder, Multi-Media artist and Chief Metaverse Officer at VNCCII. A creative technologist that adopts the virtual persona of a Web 3 SuperHeroine Super Sentinent A.I. character, VNCCII.

Meta Mori

Hey y’all Mori here. I am the world’s first Bored Ape VTuber. I’m into gaming, creating, connecting, learning, growing and aping. Blessed with an incredible family and a passion for web3. Stay bored. Love y’all.

Laurent Perello

TRON DAO Blockchain Advisor and a serial entrepreneur who believes in the promise of decentralization. Involved in the web3 community since 2017.

Irina Karagyaur

Head of Ecosystem Growth and Business Development at Unique Network. Head Ambassador for Western Europe of the Polkadot network. London’s Regional Co-Chair to FIBREE and co-coordinator of DigitalArt4Climate initiative.

Javier Floren

Co-founder and CEO of DNAVERSE based in Madrid Spain, a company aiming to geneticize the Metaverse through fully customized NFTs with real DNA data.

Sharad Agarwal

Serial entrepreneur based in Dubai. Founder of Cyber Gear, AI based solutions for companies such as British Airways, FedEx, Sharp, Toshiba, Shell and more. In 2021 Cyber Gear entered the metaverse space offering solutions in Web 3.0 and NFTs.


the artists


“A former oil painter that brought light to the NFT art scene, working in the intersection of the mathematical and the natural.” By Alex Marraccini

Kim Asendorf

Kim is a visual and conceptual artist. He is widely know for his Pixel Sorting works and script, the creation of file formats as work of art or The First Animated GIF Send Into Deep Space.

A. L. Crego

GIF artist A.L Crego walks comfortably in the midpoint between the stillness of the picture and the continuous but condemned to an end frames of the film.


#nftse22 world

what to expect


Leaders in the crypto community, NFT digital artists and investors will share their vision and experience.


For a weekend, the city of Valencia becomes a meeting point for the crypto, NFT, digital art and software community.


Answering the real questions here. Crypto investment strategies, NFT marketplaces and much more.

Tech Show

The fusion of artificial intelligence, art and technology translated into a visual show that awakens all your senses.

Experience Hall

Visitors will be dragged to a world of experimental and interactive art, immersive experiences and virtual reality.


Awakening your senses is one of the goals of the journey towards #NFTSE22. Throughout the weekend renowned DJs will empower the event with unique performances.

Let’s build the future


the biggest crypto &
nft show

in europe


the venue

city of arts
and sciences

#1 tourist attraction in valencia


visit #nftse22

discover valencia

The city of Valencia, chosen as “WORLD DESIGN CAPITAL 2022” is a land of creativity. #NFTSE22 invites the visitors to enter a new dimension between the technological and the emblematic parts of the city. Digital art projections highlighting the most touristic places in the city of Valencia, AR routes and much more.


city of arts and sciences

Our venue is the City of Arts and Sciences, an internationally recognized cultural and architectural complex.Located in the green heart of Valencia, the old Turia riverbed, it is the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia and one of the 12 treasures of Spain.


vip experience


Business and investment opportunities in the crypto, NFT and blockchain world.


Meet renowned NFT artists, cryptocurrency experts, and high-end collectors. An audience that values the potential of blockchain technology.


The event’s after-party will be held in our spectacular terrace which is a gardened esplanade with stunning acoustic and incredible views to the whole complex of City of Arts and Sciences.


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