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meeting point IN EUROPE

NFT Show Europe is set to become the leading European meeting point for digital art, NFT artists, collectors, and blockchain experts. A multisensorial experience that mesmerizes the visitors with a world of experimental and interactive art and creates the perfect scenario to connect with the community.

From September 17th to 18th 2022, the Spanish city of Valencia will host world-class speakers that will share their insights on key factors related to Blockchain Technologies, Metaverses, Decentralized Financial Systems, NFTs and Digital Art.


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the artists



“A former oil painter that brought light to the NFT art scene, working in the intersection of the mathematical and the natural.” By Alex Marraccini

Kim Asendorf

Kim is a visual and conceptual artist. He is widely know for his Pixel Sorting works and script, the creation of file formats as work of art or The First Animated GIF Send Into Deep Space.

Soliman López

Soliman López is a contemporary artist specialised in art, science, sociology and technology.


Rudxane, based in Amsterdam, started his artistic journey by creating small interactive art and websites during the late 1990s. Currently working on long form generative work on the Tezos blockchain.

Pablo Alpe

Electronic engineer working on the intersection between art and technology. His work is all made with code and his principal inspiration is nature and how simple rules transform code into organic interactive artworks.

A. L. Crego

GIF artist A.L Crego walks comfortably in the midpoint between the stillness of the picture and the continuous but condemned to an end frames of the film.


Loackme is a French artist currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After getting a PhD in Mathematics, he decided to leave academia to pursue his passion for digital art. Using code as a medium, he has developed an aesthetic that can be described as abstract, geometric and (mostly) monochromatic.

Anna Carreras

Anna is a generative artist and creative coder focusing her work on the use of algorithms to create visuals that foster memories or evocate new ones. She has recently exhibited her works at the Venice Art Biennale 2022, MUTEK ES+AR 2021 and the Eufònic Urbà Decentraland festival 2021.

Piter Pasma

Piter is a generative artist from the Netherlands, expresing himself through experiments with code and complexity; he is inspired by randomness as an inspirational creative force.

Raphaël de Courville

An artist, streamer, and educator from Paris. His artistic work is an exploration of generative systems, patterns, interactivity, and time. In 2012 Raphaël co-founded Creative Code Berlin, a community that promotes collaboration between artists and coders. He lives and works in Berlin.

Josef Pelz

Josef Pelz is a generative artist and creative coder with a background in mathematical visualization and computer science. Inspired by physics, emerging behaviour and algorithms, he links his passion for problems solving aesthetics.

He pursues real-time implementations to develop an intiuitive understanding for his systems through interaction.


Mrkswcz (Jacek Markusiewicz) is an architect and creative coder with professional and academic experience in architectural studios.

His artistic work merges architectural inspirations with forms created by mathematical and algorithmic logic. He publishes on Teia and fxhash.

Pierre Casadebaig

Pierre is using the R programming language to write algorithms that generate digital outputs.

He is using a hint of his plant science background to create mostly black and white line art, thus enabling the use of a pen-plotter to get back to the paper and ink realm.


Sutu is the creator of where the NFTs unlock experiences in the Sutuverse – a web3 playground built on AR and WebGL. He holds a Honorary Doctorate of Digital Media from Central Queensland University, is a Sundance and Tribeca Fellow and is the co-founder of EyeJack an Augmented Reality company.

Alexander Grasser

Alexander Grasser is an Austrian architect, creative coder and assistant professor at the Institute of Architecture and Media. His work and research focuses on collaborative objects, real-time participatory architecture, and creative and inclusive platform applications for creating open architectures on the blockchain.

Fernando Cortiglia

Co-creator of Momentolux, a FineArt laboratory that offers printing solutions to artists from Spain, France, England, Holland, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Canada, USA and Korea. Cortiglia has exhibited his works in Latin America and Europe.

Ivona Tau

Ivona is a generative A.I. artists from Vilnus who works with neural networks as a medium in experimental photography and motion painting. Her goal is to find and evoke emotions through artificial intelligent tools, this way making them more human. She was awarded the best award in the Digital Arts 2020 contest por art created with AI.

Jenni Pasanen

Creating in the new medium and the era of art, where creativity of machine & human unite as one. Jenni Pasanen is an artist combining digital art with GAN, instead of canvas painted by a brush, she uses generative adversarial networks. This tool frees the imagination, to create something unprecedent & fascinating.

Sofia Crespo

Entangled Others is the shared studio practice of artists Feilecan McCormick and Sofia Crespo. Their work focuses upon ecology, nature and generative arts with emphasis on giving more-than-human new forms a presence and life in digital space. This involves exloring questions of relationship, biodiversity and awareness trough biology-inspired technologies.


Bas Uterwijk has a background in special effects, 3D animation, videogames and photography. Most self-taught, he has always been involved in forms of visual storytelling that imitate and distort reality. His latest series of artworks are more abstract: “pseudo-figurative” pieces in which he interrogates GANs on creativity and their ability to unbalance human visual recognition.

Aleksandra Art

Aleksandra Artamonovskaja is the Founder of Electric Artefacts studio and partnerships lead at Joyn, the co-creation platform for Web3 communities. Aleksandra has led award-winning Web3 art projects and is a prominent speaker, writer and educator on the role of decentralized technologies in the creative industry.

Mattia Cuttini

Italian artist driven by curiosity since 1979, polymath, doing nfts since 2018.

Marta Verde Baqueiro

Visual Artist, creative technologist and educator. Her artistic practice explores the indeterministic nature of the relationship with the organic and the electronic in the visual field with the use of noise, repetition and digital processing of analog signals in real time.


Kaloh is a computer and data scientist who currently focuses on Web 3. He writes about generative art, NFT trends and market analysis in Kaloh’s Newsletter and curates the Blind Gallery.


Formed architect specialized in parametric and generative design. Ismahelio has worked and lived in Spain, Mexico, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong, significantly influenced by these countries. With a strong interest in visual arts since very little. Ismahelio takes advantage of his high skills in advanced engineering and love for geometry and latent spaces to create highly complex illustrations through code.

Victor Doval

Father, artist and architect specialised in algorithmic composition. His work is centred in breaking the limits between oneself and with the others. He finds in the relation of mathematics and nature a source of pureness and a key to connect us with our essence.

Sergi Palau


Visual artist from Valencia. Co-founder of the NiñoViejo collective, member of the visual creation laboratory Radiante and artistic curator of the Volumens festival in Valencia. As Vj has participated in many festivals (Sónar, REC, Mapping Festival, Lunchmeat Festival, Observatori) and halt with musicians such as Felix Da Housecat, Roni Size, The Hacker, Alexander Kowalsky, Sascha Funke, Oscar Mulero, Dj Demons , Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, and a very long etc.



Dj, promoter, musical journalist, and many other things he´s done during his career, this musical activist, as he defines himself. His relationship with music starts in the journalist media. He followed his labour in the radio, tv or press. He´s collaborated in fanzines and musical magazines since the 90s:Sueños de Alcanfor, Wah Wah, Mondo Sonoro, AB, Punto H, Contrastes. But maybe his most relevant collaboration has been the one he did for the book La Historia del Rock en la Comunidad Valenciana edited by Avant Press, where he deeply analizes the phenomemon of electronic music in his comunity.

Luis E. Fraguada

Creative developer based in Barcelona, Spain. Luis uses code to create and collaborate with practitioners across disciplines such as art, design, and fashion. Luis developed diverse interests and skills during his academic training in architecture and found that the code he was writing to generate new buildings could also be used to develop solutions for other industries as well as be a medium for artistic expression. Through art, Luis studies ways of rejecting anthropocentric themes and anthropomorphic representation.


Ely is a digital artist and founder of NFT project. Her work is represented by Monolith Gallery and was recently exhibited in New York’s Times Square. Ely is also a mother, writer and digital and content creator with more than 10 years experience designing advertising for companies. Recently, her work has focused on artificial intelligence and glitched art.



Torimi Masataka


Quentin Hocdé



Luis Ponce



Evelyn O



Cem Hasimi


Backwards Geometry

Archie Morley


Lisanne Haack



Kerim Safa


the speakers


Hide Uehara

Hide Uehara is Director of Business Development for Square Enix, the Japanese entertainment and gaming conglomerate best known for the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts franchises. Hide’s current focus is investment in companies and products in Web3 and cloud gaming.


Sam Hamilton

Creative Director of Decentraland Foundation. He has been part of the Decentraland team since 2018, pioneering the creative direction of the metaverse for both users and brands. His experience is in the Art, Music, Film, and Fashion industries, granting him over 20 years of experience within creative environments.

Irina Karagyaur

Head of Ecosystem Growth and Business Development at Unique Network. Head Ambassador for Western Europe of the Polkadot network. London’s Regional Co-Chair to FIBREE and co-coordinator of DigitalArt4Climate initiative.

Laurent Perello

TRON DAO Blockchain Advisor and a serial entrepreneur who believes in the promise of decentralization. Involved in the web3 community since 2017.

Doru Borsan

CEO of with a vast experience in business and smart city technologies. Former member of the Roumanian Digitalization Authority (2020). CEO of the year in the Smart City industry awards (2018) where in 2022 his company Neotech Finance received the award for Best Technology Company.

Takayuki Suzuki

His distinguished career has included roles as Head of Mobile at MTV Japan and most recently Head of Digital Business Development for Universal Music Japan. He is also an angel investor and guitarist. Takayuki is the CEO at MetaTokyo, a Web3 entertainment Studio Based in Tokyo.


Founder, Multi-Media artist and Chief Metaverse Officer at VNCCII. A creative technologist that adopts the virtual persona of a Web 3 SuperHeroine Super Sentinent A.I. character, VNCCII.

Meta Mori

Hey y’all Mori here. I am the world’s first Bored Ape VTuber. I’m into gaming, creating, connecting, learning, growing and aping. Blessed with an incredible family and a passion for web3. Stay bored. Love y’all.

David Moreno

David Moreno is the former CEO of Hawkers. After Hawkers’ success, his latest project – W3ST – is based on the new decentralized organization model known as DAO and aims to use blockchain technology to create a digital nation that renders positive impact onto the real world; under the claim “cloud first land last.


Ombeline Rosse better known as Cabline1, is the lead art curator for the Tezos NFT platform Before entering the world of NFTs, Ombeline had worked at a major investment bank and international law firm.

Sharad Agarwal

Serial entrepreneur based in Dubai. Founder of Cyber Gear, AI based solutions for companies such as British Airways, FedEx, Sharp, Toshiba, Shell and more. In 2021 Cyber Gear entered the metaverse space offering solutions in Web 3.0 and NFTs.


Ulysses is a 15 year music industry veteran, who began his career producing & writing hits for Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, Kylie Minogue, Akon and many more.

Javier Floren

Co-founder and CEO of DNAVERSE based in Madrid Spain, a company aiming to geneticize the Metaverse through fully customized NFTs with real DNA data.

Andrea  Lorini

Partner at and Head of Web 3.0 at EssilorLuxottica. Andrea has worked on various startups and agencies across the world, has been CEO of ChiaraFerragniBrand and now he is managing all Web 3.0 operations in EssilorLuxottica. Andrea is also a partner of a blockchain company active in Italy since 2013.

Shaban Shaame

Shaban Shaame is the Founder and CEO of EverdreamSoft, a Swiss-based company founded in 2010 that is pioneering the use of blockchain technology in the global game industry. Today, Shaban and his team are developing their blockchain technology into a fully featured platform, giving them the ability to turn something virtual into something tangible and own-able. Shaban also co-founded the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA).

Esen Tümer

With more than 25 years of bussiness experience in high-tech companies such as Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and Royal Philiphs among others.

She has received Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning degree from Harvard University and IoT Training from Columbia University of New York.

Esen has been named among the 50 most succesful females leaders.

Anne Rose

Anne is Managing Associate in the Commercial team and co-leads the Blockchain Group. She has experience in advising on emerging technologies such as blockchain, the metaverse, NFTs and artificial intelligence among others.

Her clients extend across a number of sectors with a focus on technology, sport, media and retail.

Yury Sinkovskiy

Graduated in Cambridge House Community College and University of Derby. Ex-content creator of YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok bloggers. In crypto industry since 2017. Big believer in decentralization and web 3 technology. Currently, product manager and marketing consultor at Crypto.Page. 

Kenneth McEwen

Founder of the LEO 360 Digital Museum. His professional career started at the age of 19 dealing with Music production with various genre of musicians and record labels. Kenneth also was a part owner/investor for an independent label out of Long Island NY and CEO of a business liaison group specializing in Motion Picture Film funding in New York. Kenneth in the field of Music Production had the opportunity in working with celebrities and speaking on dynamic adjustments in the music industry. 

Javier San Juan Pavon

CEO and co-founder of Colección NFT. He started in 2019 in the digital world, but soon discovered the world of NFTs and blockchain technology. Colección NFT is the first Spanish-speaking company specialized in the NFT sector and blockchain technology. “We had to be pioneers in Spain and we set ourselves a very clear objective: Help companies to enter the Metaverses and help them launch NFT’s collections“.

Rafael Andrés

Rafael, Director of the Professional Printing Business at Grupo Solitium, has been dedicated to the graphic arts industry for more than 25 years. He has been part of research projects on color (heptachromy) and has led teams in areas such as systems, prepress or large format in companies such as Grupo Tompla or MGV Color, among others.

Stefan Stanek

Stefan founded the CyberTree GmbH a software company for critical infrastructure. In order to maintain a connection to nature in a technology-driven work environment, he and his team of specialists founded the nature initiative Baumbuddy. Previously, Stefan was CEO of serval companies, developed international trademarks and studied economics.

Matt Hutchins

Matt is a co-founder at Block Ape Scissors and drives the project forward as its Chief Executive Officer. Prior to that, he acquired over 17 years of high-level corporate experience successfully leading and delivering IT infrastructure projects before transitioning to a blockchain, GameFi and metaverse focus. Matt has led many diverse, multi-disciplined teams to deliver quality outcomes across high-pressure environments and high-performance teams while focusing on a positive, empowering work culture.

Bay Backner

Bay Backner is an artist-technologist, curator and web3 strategist. She is co-founder of Vueltta, an international art collective producing immersive installations in the Decentraland metaverse. Vueltta’s installation The Labyrinth Effect was Parcel’s top recommendation from Metaverse Art Week 2022.

Rocio Brusseau

Co-founder of Ways
, a Spanish company building a blockchain infrastructure to enhance the traveler experience and support the local makers and economies along the Cultural Routes of the World. Rocio lives in the US where she has work since 2004 in Marketing, Innovation, and Fintech. Rocio also cofounded two years ago the global open talent platform and BCorp-pending Overflow PBC.

Óscar Gómez

Responsible for all the development of NFT technology and its implementation within Ways. He founded Calle Crypto in 2020, a social club for over 2000 crypto enthusiasts which soon evolved into a committed organization that provided educational programs and development services for corporations that wish to move on towards the new era of digital presence.

Melchor Sanz

Melchor Sanz is HP’s Director of Technology and Innovation (CTO), he establishes HP’s strategy in defining new technological proposals that allow organizations to improve their processes, using the latest technologies; while achieving greater efficiencies and minimizing risks.

Javier Manzanares

Degree in Economic Sciences by the University of Alcalá. Javier has a double MBA from Northwestern and Kellogg Universities (USA), an EMBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a PHD in sustainable development from INHA University in South Korea.

Javier Manzanares, in addition to leading ClimateCoin and being part of the ClimateTrade Advisory Council, Manzanares comes to the company after eight years as Deputy Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund, supporting developing countries to combat climate change.

Xavier Hernández

Telecommunications engineer with more than 15 years of experience in software development currently leading Tannhäuser Gate; a web3 development company focused on a new era of decentralized web software protocols building projects like futr., prado and dataser.

Ruggero Lorenzini

Ruggero Lorenzini is the co-founder & creative director of futr. a web3 based project focused on preserving creative freedom & digital sovereignty for artists & musicians.

Diego Ferragud

Business-minded engineer who has been working for more than 7 years in different startups in the strategy and operations departments. My beginnings in the crypto world were in 2017. Currently the Ceo of Criptendo, an e-Learning platform focused on achieving adoption of the crypto ecosystem through the understanding of blockchain technology and its applications in web3. In addition, a business consultant for several crypto and web3 projects.

Pablo Rodrigo

Former Industrial Engineer, Pablo Rodrigo is now the CEO and Co-Founder of Trazable, Spanish start-up based in Valencia. Trazable is the first quality management software based on blockchain technology that guarantees the end-to-end control of the supply chain.


Javier Castro-Acuña Graupera

Javier is the Business Controller at Bitnovo, one of the pioneer companies in the Spanish Crypto industry. With more than 15 years of experience in entertainment and communications at multinational companies like 20th Century Fox or Vodafone, his curiosity about how things work made him fall down the Bitcoin rabbit hole in 2015 and he never stopped learning about crypto since then, including a Master degree in Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Cryptoeconomics.

Rocío Álvarez-Ossorio

Creator, promoter and connector. Partner and CMO of Token City. Partner and head of the Crypto Assets Commission at Women in a Legal World (WLW). She started her career in the M&A area in Banking in London, at Deloitte and at E&Y. She founder of several companies. She created the entrepreneurship, innovation and investment ecosystem of EAE BS (Grupo Planeta). Named Top 100 Women Investors in Startups in Spain 2022 by El Referente. Startup Mentor at EAE BS, ICADE, Zakut Innovation Hub.

Fernando Davila

Fernando Dávila Ponce de León Gámez, Aerospatial Engineer and MBA student. After dedicating professionally to sailing, he ended his sport career to focus on his studies and enter the startup ecosystem. Specialized in Business Development, he is currently the CEO at Crowmie, where they are creating a new way of investing on projects of impact through tokenization of assets.

Chaume Sánchez

Chaume Sanchez, CEO at Sailor. Sailor creates the first gastro-urban beer club with a cultural accent. Sailor Club goes beyond meeting friends, it brings together people with cultural and gastronomic tastes through tours of bars and restaurants in their city. It encourages meeting new people, beer tasting in gastronomic settings and live music events.

Gonzalo Ladreda

Gonzalo Ladreda is a serial entrepreneur, member of the Uni of Cambridge, he helps NFTespaña to become the lead NFT marketplace for the Spanish speaking community. If you are not into crypto, your English is not the best and you want to buy verified art, NFTespaña is your site.

Gonzalo has been recognised for example, as a Finalist of the Cambridge Independent and the Santander Entrepreneurship awards or invited to pitch to the Royal family at Buckingham Palace.

Carla Castelló

Carla Castelló, COO at Reental. Former General Manager at CFM Minerals. Chemical Engineer & MBA.

Her aim at Reental is to improve people’s finances democratizing the Real Estate investment industry.

Andrés Moriel

Multimedia & a3D artist at Innoarea. Visual artist from Valencia influenced by technology, architecture and organic structures. His work covers 3D design, audiovisual reactive structures, VJing and creative coding.


Daria is co-founder of, a payment module that enables direct purchasing of NFT with credit and debit cards. Daria has been in crypto since 2017 and prior to that has spent 5 years in news and media industry and has arts and filmmaking background. She has curated contemporary art exhibitions and created installations and paintings herself.


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Conferences _

Leaders in the crypto community, NFT digital artists and investors will share their vision and experience.

Meetups _

For a weekend, the city of Valencia becomes a meeting point for the crypto, NFT, digital art and software community.

Workshops _

Answering the real questions here. Crypto investment strategies, NFT marketplaces and much more.

Tech Show _

The fusion of artificial intelligence, art and technology translated into a visual show that awakens all your senses.

Experience Hall _

Visitors will be dragged to a world of experimental and interactive art, immersive experiences and virtual reality.

Soundtrack _

Awakening your senses is one of the goals of the journey towards #NFTSE22. Throughout the weekend renowned DJs will empower the event with unique performances.

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Investors _

Business and investment opportunities in the metaverse, NFT and blockchain world.

Networking _

Meet renowned NFT artists, blockchain experts, and high-end collectors. An audience that values the potential of blockchain technology.

After-Party _

The event’s after-party will be held in our spectacular terrace which is a gardened esplanade with stunning acoustic and incredible views to the whole complex of City of Arts and Sciences.

the biggest metaverse, digital art
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city of arts
and sciences

#1 tourist attraction in valencia


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discover valencia

The city of Valencia, chosen as “WORLD DESIGN CAPITAL 2022” is a land of creativity. #NFTSE22 invites the visitors to enter a new dimension between the technological and the emblematic parts of the city. Digital art projections highlighting the most touristic places in the city of Valencia, AR routes and much more.


city of arts and sciences

Our venue is the City of Arts and Sciences, an internationally recognized cultural and architectural complex.Located in the green heart of Valencia, the old Turia riverbed, it is the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia and one of the 12 treasures of Spain.


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